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Founded in 1999 by Internet visionary Todd Valdes, VStone is a leading provider of web content management software, website automation systems, and managed hosting services for web based small business service providers. VStone's comprehensive suite of web software and services ensures that its partners and their customers will always receive the best Internet services the web has to offer. VStone's platform also offers sophisticated customization and integration capabilities, along with proven low-cost managed application hosting, that help partners meet user demand while maintaining focus on their core businesses. VStone's partners include high profile portals such as SmallBiZ.com as well as industry specific web service companies like Success Web Systems, Inc.

VStone offers the most compelling website creation, management, and marketing technology available today. The VStone Platform (Simply IT™) provides privately labeled website building tools and services for small business services providers such as, hosting companies, web design firms, ISPs, ASPs, portals and other destination sites. Simply IT™ was built to support partner differentiation through a complete set of integration and customization tools and services allowing VStone partners to customize the overall look and feel of the site-building platform without limitation. Additionally, because Simply IT™ is XML based, our partners can easily and seamlessly integrate existing applications, modules, and other functionality with the platform to offer within their customer's websites.

VStone partners typically utilize Simply IT™ in two fundamental ways:

  • First, by providing their customers with a web based website creation application that allows them to create and maintain their own website with only the technical knowledge necessary to operate a simple word processor.
  • And second, by using Simply IT™ as an internal tool to allow non-technical employees to create, maintain and market custom websites for customers who are less inclined to use a do-it-yourself system.
A Simply IT™ private label is an inexpensive and very effective solution for web based small business service providers who want to: profitably offer their existing and prospective customers a cutting edge website, increase their profits through another revenue stream, increase their customer loyalty with a progressive ASP subscription business model, improve employee productivity with a cutting edge website automation system, gain a competitive edge by becoming a one stop shop for their customers, have a small initial investment and a short implementation time, and retain full ownership and therefore total control over THEIR customers...

If you're interested in a VStone partnership, please fill out the Simply IT™ Access Application and a VStone representative will contact you with information about our partnership programs as well as a username and password so you may experience the power of Simply IT™ for yourself.
 Current News 

June 14, 2002
VStone Technology forms Joint Venture with The SmallBiZ.com Network to offer small business service providers a complete Web system. Enabling them to offer their customers Internet-based business services and internal management tools.

August 12, 2002
VStone Technology teams with Vista Productions to offer real estate professional a complete Web system. Enabling them to offer their customers Internet-based real estate services and internal management tools.

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