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Simply IT™ is our flagship product which serves as a state-of-the-art website automation system. The system allows our partners to sell websites in two different ways. First, by offering their small business customers the ability to create and maintain their own professional and functional website within the framework of a standard Internet browser. And second, by using Simply IT™ as an internal tool to allow non-technical employees to create, maintain and market custom websites for customers who are less inclined to use a do-it-yourself system. To better understand the utility of the system, it is best to think of it as a flexible and scalable web platform or as a web based operating system that hosts a variety of web applications. The value of the system is then found, not only in the current suite of applications that jointly allow the end user to easily create and maintain a website, but also in the underlying extensibility of the platform. This extensibility makes Simply IT™ very cost effective and efficient because it allows us to incrementally improve the system over time by easily being able to add new, remove old, or update existing components without having to redesign the whole or to contend with relationship conflicts. This extensibility further enables us to form private label partnerships that easily and cost effectively integrate our partner's Web applications within Simply IT™.

The Friendly HTML Editor™ is a client side content management application that is configurable "on the fly" from the server using XML. The vast majority of information on the Web is displayed using the HTML programming language. HTML is used for everything from defining the layout of a Web page to the formatting of simple text. Under many circumstances unfortunately, you have highly paid programmers performing both the high-end Web design as well as the low-end text entry and formatting. The Friendly HTML Editor™ allows businesses with these content entry problems to allow non-technical people to do time intensive content entry and formatting, while leaving the complicated programming to the professionals.

 Current News 

June 14, 2002
VStone Technology forms Joint Venture with The SmallBiZ.com Network to offer small business service providers a complete Web system. Enabling them to offer their customers Internet-based business services and internal management tools.

August 12, 2002
VStone Technology teams with Vista Productions to offer real estate professional a complete Web system. Enabling them to offer their customers Internet-based real estate services and internal management tools.

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